It is said that The Sky Beings and the Fire Beings have fought for eons for the ultimate power in the universe; The Star Throne. The Elementals of the sky send their children to earth to fight to prove their power to all…  The Story of the Elementals.


                    Four thousand years ago a curse was put on all of those who came from the Star Line from the stars and who hold the Star Medicine. They became The Ashe family a Native American family from Virginia with a ruthless past. All have unknowing Elemental power.

               It is now the 1900’s the Ashe family comes to New York City and plunges into the  dangerous game of racial politics, bitter betrayal, ambition, power, destiny, and brutal magic. Where the weapons are sexual intrigue, secrets, lies and love. Where enemies must unite for prophecy to be fulfilled so the Star Medicine can be used once again to end the ancient family curse.   


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                               The story and prophecy of the Star Song Carriers.

  A long time ago when the earth was new and the animals could talk, Thunder Girl, Lightning Boy and Moon Woman all came from the stars. They were all the past, the present, and the future.

They waited on the old land for the children of the stars to come: The Star Children.

                  The Star Children were lost; they traveled from the water to the land. Thunder Girl, Lightning Boy and Moon Woman sang the songs to guide them to get to the land. The songs were heard from all of the creatures of the earth, sky, and water. Brother whale guided the children from the water to the sacred land by the river. It was there that the children were given The Star Songs.

                   To honor where they came from, Moon Woman, Thunder Girl and Lightning Boy made a society after the constellations next to the moon. For this is where they received their strong medicine. The Star Medicine. The Star Songs. They became the Star Society.

               Millions of years pass from the beginning; peace reigned for the people of the river and the Star Society. The Star Medicine was balanced. But there were ones who wanted to undo the balance of the Star Society. Out of greed, anger, and jealousy the clan split and war came........ 

                                            Pre-European Invasion

                                                              Turtle Island

               Pokatawer’s lean body was very heavy with child. Her black hair down her back with the stripes of red was a sign that she was of the Fire Society. She was leaning on her husband Akwimess.  He was a large man but had a presence that made him look even bigger. His body wasn’t fat but had layer upon layer of muscle with tattoos on his forearms and chest. His liquid black eyes were sharp. His ears were pierced with long silver beads down to his shoulders.  He had a sensuality coming from him combined with his razor-sharp handsome face.

            Pokatawer fell to the ground holding onto him, trying to stop him from going. She was desperate and crying. She held onto his legs but he kept on moving.

“Don’t leave me Akwimess. You can’t go. Don’t do this! You can’t leave me behind. Wait until our child is born.” She sobbed as she collapsed to the ground in a high wail that made the birds stir and fly away.

He roughly helped her stand; out of patience.

“I have to go.” He said briskly.

“Let me go with you.” She pleaded.

 He pushed her gently away.

“You can’t. You know you can’t. You have to stay here with your family to have the child.”

            As they got closer to the river, Pokatawer stopped stricken with inner pain when she saw in her husband’s canoe, her twin sister, Otter Woman, standing at the helm. Otter Woman didn’t look at her sister; she turned away and wrapped her feathered cape closer around her body.

“I see.”  Pokatawer said with deadliness in her voice.

“Now it is my time to be betrayed after I deceived all of my earth blood so you could rise higher in the Star Society and our clan.  I am no longer any use to you. Now you take my earth sister who can give you more power.”

He turned on her so fiercely that he almost struck her down.

 “That’s a lie, Pokatawer!  I never asked you to do the things you did. You did it for yourself . No one else. You did it for power. You are the one that killed every man in the Star Society not me. Now there is nobody left to protect us. I have to leave to do it.”

She pointed at her sister in the canoe.

“Why are you taking her?”

“She is the only one who can help, she is the female Star Song Carrier- you know this.”

“Don’t you think I have always seen that you both always wanted each other? I have seen the way you have looked at her.  The only thing she will help you with, is in and out of your covers and-”

              Akwimess slapped her lightly on the cheek, hard enough to stop the flow of her words. Pokatawer’s face became red and her eyes shown with fury and she made herself big, tall, and fierce.

“I did what I did for the love of you both and now you both turn on me. Just remember Akwimess, I did it because I loved you.  I am a Fire Being, the daughter of the Great Lord Matotam of the Fire Realm. I won’t be set aside. He won’t let you set me aside. You were brought into the fire by him. Turn me away now and it will be more than a battle with me. I will get my revenge. It is my warning to you.”

             The wind went into a howl then a screamed. Dark clouds came over the river and thunder ripped through the sky. The river made waves and the canoe tipped from side to side. Otter Woman steadied herself and put her head down with a silent prayer.

Akwimess looked up and laughed.

“Don’t try to scare me with your tricks. I have to do what is needed and you are not part of it. We are the holders of the Star Medicine. You are not!”

“I too Akwimess am part of the Star Society as the Woman of the Fire. I have more power than both of you combined! I am on the Human Empire for a reason. You want the Star Throne as much as I do.”

“At one time perhaps -I thought it was what I wanted but I am guided by Star Woman. I will never side against the Star Society. You abused your power.  Now get from my sight. ”

He pointed at their unborn child.

“And I will return to get my child so your evil doesn’t destroy it also.”

He pushed on the canoe and went down the river.

Pokatawer watched as they paddled away with her eyes full of fire.

“Have your rut with my earth sister but I will not be put aside. You will never touch a child of mine. Never! You think you can best me, Akwimess? I will have the power I seek.” She said under her breath.

             The next night Pokatawer knew it was the right time. She went to the river and looked up to the night sky. She watched the eclipse come over the moon. She squatted as if she was giving labor, her hair plastered to her back, and her skin a sheet of sweat. She took in her breath and her chin went to her chest. She made a deep prayer as the eclipse went over the moon. She slit her wrist and the blood spilled down her arm. She changed form and became a Fire Being. Her long red hair flowed down to her ankles, her skin pure dark bronze, eyes a flaming golden crimson. She started to sing. The Star Song she sang didn’t go forward but backwards. She called on all that was unspoken and evil. The song over took her body. She used all of her hate, greed and jealousy as she sang to the night. Her belly quivered and a golden  blood came from between her thighs. A darkness slithered from her womb. It wasn’t a child. It was an unformed shape shifter. It appeared as a thin outline of black smoke. The shape shifter made an inhuman cry. Pokatawer offered it her throat and it greedily sucked on her blood. Its claw like fingers pressed against her back. It grew and took shape from her blood. She cradled the smoky child in her arms. 

“Take my blood, my child. I name you this night, Firemoon. You are my daughter. The blood I gave will enhance you. The blood of the others of The Star Society will taste just as sweet. It will give you more power.”

She threw the child from her arms into the sky.

“Go my love! Go my sweet! Go and seek your revenge on your father Akwimess and my sister Otter Woman. Find them and feed! Feed on them. Feed on their sorrow and feed on their blood line. Feed on the Star Society. Feed on the Star Medicine until it is gone. Feed on every generation until they are gone never to return!!!”                                                                       



                                                                     The Prophecy             

Out of the ashes of slavery will come two girls and a boy, with ancient strength, old souls live in them, the Star Medicine guides them, they meet the old souls from the past, they are the Star Society reborn, lovers, enemies, brothers, sisters unite from the past to fight the ancient curse.

Don't Feed the Indians - A Divine Comedy Pageant!

The Star Medicine

Praise for Murielle Borst Tarrant.

Murielle Borst Tarrant is a one woman earth cruise to the infinite and so is her work!  - Linda Hogan, Chickasaw Nation. Author of Mean Spirit, a winner of the Oklahoma Book Award, the Mountains and Plains Book Award, and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.


Muriel Borst Tarrent takes story-telling to another realm to explore what is possible in her new work, THE STAR MEDICINE. 

She gives to her reader knowledge of the importance of native mythology, not only with a taste of the past, but of the future.

She follows myth beyond the boundaries of what can and cannot be done.

Muriel is half-visionary, half-story-teller.  In her braided work, she goes to the stars to bring back their magic to the earth, then gives it back to the sky.  - Diane Glancy, Cherokee author of Pushing the Bear, and winner of the  American Book Award.


Murielle Borst Tarrant is a daring, creative performer, writer, director and now novelist! 

Watch her, as she carries forth the gifts that have come through.

- Joy Harjo, Mvskoke poet, musician, writer, performer and artist