Coming in November of 2017 to LaMama Theatre: a new play by Murielle Borst Tarrant


Don't Feed the Indians: A Divine Comedy Pageant


Using the language of the Doctrine of Discovery and the framework of Dante’s Inferno, where Virgil and Beatrice are the Indians and the audience is Dante, the audience is taken into a world of Indian show business.  These showbiz Indians, and the audience, take a journey in the history of misappropriation of Native images and racism in film, theater and pop culture.  This is explored with a comic and musical flair but through the point of view of the Native lens - telling personal stories of auditions and family members’ histories as “Show Indians” in the 1920’s and beyond; exploring the normalcy of the colonizers gaze and why.  Find out what happens when the Indians push back.  



Don't Feed the Indians - A Divine Comedy Pageant!

The Star Medicine

Praise for Murielle Borst Tarrant.

Murielle Borst Tarrant is a one woman earth cruise to the infinite and so is her work!  - Linda Hogan, Chickasaw Nation. Author of Mean Spirit, a winner of the Oklahoma Book Award, the Mountains and Plains Book Award, and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.


Muriel Borst Tarrent takes story-telling to another realm to explore what is possible in her new work, THE STAR MEDICINE. 

She gives to her reader knowledge of the importance of native mythology, not only with a taste of the past, but of the future.

She follows myth beyond the boundaries of what can and cannot be done.

Muriel is half-visionary, half-story-teller.  In her braided work, she goes to the stars to bring back their magic to the earth, then gives it back to the sky.  - Diane Glancy, Cherokee author of Pushing the Bear, and winner of the  American Book Award.


Murielle Borst Tarrant is a daring, creative performer, writer, director and now novelist! 

Watch her, as she carries forth the gifts that have come through.

- Joy Harjo, Mvskoke poet, musician, writer, performer and artist