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So . . . I finally did it after ten years of writing and rewriting.  The first installment of my book has arrived. The Star Medicine. It will be available  on 12/ 1/ 11. And, yes it is an ebook! Why? Because I was disappointed with my experience in the publishing world, it isn’t a more dramatic story than that. What does this mean? I means that I can tell my stories the way that I want and I can get them to my readers sooner. And for those that like the traditional book method? All I can say is that I will eventually be looking into having them published made to order from Amazon.  Hopefully I will be able to have the first four books in one volume by then. Ambitious, yes but I am a daughter of a Native American Tiger mother!

I do intend to keep up with this blog at least once a week, to answer questions about my book and talk about writing. I also intend to discuss my other advocacies that are a large part of my work: Arts and Culture, Indian Country, Human Rights Issues, Indigenous Urban Issues, Traditional Knowledge and Native American Images in the Media.   

 I would like to start with the creation of this book and The Star Song Carrier Series. This series is a labor of love. I wrote them consecutively almost back to back with sometimes a month or two in between. And, I am still working on the 6th but already have an outline for the 7th. That means I write night and day and thinking about these characters constantly, rethinking storylines so I don’t jump the shark. I guess I could be called obsessive and I guess I am!  I do it because I love writing and enjoy making worlds that come from another dimension. I cared for the characters in this series deeply and I still do. We have grown together and I feel that they grew up with my daughter.  We have been through a lot together. I cry with them, talk to them and sometimes ignore them when the characters tell me that the story should go another way. I sometimes forget that they don’t live in my house.  There had even been times that I thought about buying them Christmas presents!    

There have been many questions people have asked me about the series in a whole. The main questions I get are about the world that I created and then asked why I chose such darkly flawed ruthless people.  Ruthless characters who are a Native American family that are the heroines and the heroes. I can only answer by saying that I enjoy writing about very flawed damaged personalities who happen to have a higher purpose in their lives and don’t know it.

And what is also often asked is why I chose fantasy. I can answer that by saying simply…I wanted a story that had no limitations to where I wanted to go. I wanted more than a family saga. I wanted Native American superheroes that had to save the world. It was also a reaction I had from reading many different urban fantasy novels and other immortals from other cultures coming to this continent of North America and they hardly ever run into any Indigenous forces.  I would always think “Wouldn’t our Immortals be pretty upset that these other Immortals just came around and were bossy?”          

In the beginning it was a historical single novel with just hints of elements of mystical realism.  I played with many ideas and many layers.  The first layer was the human condition of Native American characters that lived in fear on their traditional homelands and would do anything to sustain their survival. A Native American family that was absorbed in their wealth and position but held traditional leadership in their community yet hid their bloodline to the outside world, it is hidden because there is danger.  Danger to lose white status in the south during slavery but also harbored their tribal members, clan, and family on their land while they also secretly harbored slaves until they were brought to freedom.  But out of that still came ruthless ambition. Could the light and dark live in harmony like that?    

 I played with the scenarios of the characters. Felicity’s cold calculating beauty, Elaine’s earthy realism, Jeb’s loyalty and Russell’s honor but all are extremely haunted by their bitter historical   trauma. The love of the two sisters ( Elaine and Felicity),  the love that Jeb had for Elaine with his calm elegance, the burning deep passion that Russell O’Grady had for the two sisters and the beauty of his inner darkness. But the loyalty they all had for their family, their people, their culture, their community and the land. 

There was also the urban experience for those that were removed from their traditional homelands or relocated from their traditional homelands. How they sustained their cultural identity, traditional knowledge and maintained a community. What was the urban experience in a historical period where many Native Peoples came to New York City for work off the reservations or after the destruction of the federal government Indian boarding school system?  

After puzzling it together and then going back to creations stories of many tribal nations. I knew that this story I wanted to tell was epic. And the story had to be told on an epic scale. I realized after many rewrites that it couldn’t be told in one book and it was ingrained with many fantasy elements.

I had very flawed heroines and heroes with extremely dark and manipulative natures. And then I worked on what if? What if they weren’t human but Elemental Beings that were reborn into humans. What if they were chosen to help save the world from the ultimate destruction of the universe? What if the power of the universe was controlled by Sky Beings but Fire Beings wanted them to share that power. What if the power came from a source called the Star Throne? And what if that throne was controlled by the Star Beings who didn’t want to share the power? What if the power of the Star Throne got into the wrong hands?  What if this fight had been  going on for eons? And those Elemental Beings put their children on Turtle Island to prove who was more powerful?

And what if the Native Peoples here on Turtle Island were chosen by the Immortals to hold a special magical medicine in them that made them speak to the stars? The Star Medicine. And what if that medicine was used wrongly? Would that power of the medicine after not being used for four thousand years become too strong if not used correctly? Could it be destructive?

What if there was a society called the Star Society that once held that balance but could sing to the stars and the songs were called the Star Songs. And the leaders within the Star Society were called the Star Song Carriers.  

What if the Star Society was destroyed by magical forces long before Europeans came to our shores.  What if destroying that society made Turtle Island easier to penetrate when the invaders came to Turtle Island? What if the society had to go deeper in hiding because an ancient curse followed their bloodline?  

And it was there that I found my story. I put all of these elements together to make a multi layered tapestry.  I had the Star Song Carrier Series.

 A story that was about love, passion, family, struggle, ruthlessness, betrayal, loyalty, honor, magic, politics and sacrifices made for survival.

Welcome to the world of the Star Society.

And enter the world of the Star Medicine

I sincerely hope you will be enjoying their adventures for many years to come.

Thank you and happy reading.


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