More than Feathers and Beads

A one woman show written and performed by Murielle Borst (Tarrant)

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New Book about Native American Theater:
Performing Worlds into Being: Native American Women's Theater.
Ed. Ann Elizabeth Armstrong, Kelli Lyon Johnson, and William A. Wortman.
Oxford, Ohio: Miami University Press, 2009.
Includes illustrations and a DVD.

The book contains: --An edited version of Murielle Borst’s lively conference talk (or lecture) about Spiderwoman Theater’s legacy titled “Spiderwoman Theater’s Legacy” is included in Section II, “Honoring Spiderwoman Theater,” for the forthcoming book, Performing worlds into Being: Native American Women’s Theater (edited by Ann Elizabeth Armstrong, Kelli Lyon Johnson, and William A. Wortman; published by Miami University Press, 2009). Ms. Borst emphasizes the importance of theatrical technique and describes the nature of Spiderwoman’s unique technique, and she discusses the influence of this technique on her own one-woman piece, “More than Feathers and Beads,” and on her fantasy fiction, from which she reads excerpts. Concluding her presentation, she and Monique Mojica performed a new five-minute work Murielle had just written, “A Valentine for My Grandmother.” -

More than Feather and Beads:


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Staging Coyote’s Dream: An Anthology of First Nations Drama, Volume II. The editors are Monique Mojica and Ric Knowles.

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