Characters and Realms 

THE STAR THRONE—The balance of the entire universe. 
The Elemental Realms 
The Sky Realm.
The Star Realm.
The Sun Realm.
The Fire Realm.
The Human Empire. 
The Elemental Beings
The Star Beings-Royal blood of the Sky Realm. 
The Thunder Beings- Guardians to the Star Throne.
The Moon Beings-Female keepers of the Sky children.
The Sun Beings-Warriors of the Sky Realm.
The Fire Beings-The Rulers below the Sky. 
The Elementals 
Star Woman- Sits on the Star Throne. 
Heart Star-Holder of the Star Songs.
Heart Star’s Royal Star Court. 
Twin Star—Her twin brother.
Sovereign Star—Her advisor.
Rain Star—Her imperial spy.
Sun Star--- Her mate and War Leader.
Star Song--- Her male counter part and male singer of the Star Songs
Moon Woman- Great Oracle of the Sky Realm. 
Star Boy- Husband to Moon Woman. 
Matotam—Great Lord of the Fire Realm.
Pokatawer--- Daughter to Matotam.
Nekya--- Female guardian of the Star Throne. 
Thunder Girl—Nekya’s Daughter.
The Star Society- Mortal Society of the Human Empire: pre—European contact.

The Female Star Song Carrier/ The Heart Star--- The powerful female leader who can sing to the stars. Special Star Song
Carriers become the Heart Star named after the Elemental.

Male Star Circle of Protection of the Heart Star.
The Sovereign Star Male- Her advisor. 
Sun Star Male- Her War leader 
Twin Star male- Her brother. 
Rain Star male- Messenger among the clans.
The Male Star Song Carrier—The male helper to the female Star Song Carrier. 
The Moon Women Society— The keepers of the Star Songs and the storytellers.
* The Star Songs are The Star Medicine of the Society with direct power to the Stars.

Mortals in the Star Society.

Akwimess--- Male Star Song Carrier. 
Otter Woman--- Female Star Song Carrier.
*Pokatawer--- Fire Being in human form who joined the Star Society.

Rappahannock Tribe: the Native American tribe from the river in what is now Virginia, after European contact in the Human Empire

Arkawat- Last female Star Song Carrier. Raped by John Ashe an Englishman. 
Arrokoth— Last male Star Song Carrier. Murdered by John Ashe.

Rappahannock Tribe: Westmoreland, Virginia, 1837 -1900.
THE ASHE FAMILY--- Slave owning Rappahannock Indian family with English blood. 
Felicity Ashe.
Elaine Ashe.
Jebidiah Spencer

Related by marriage to the Ashe family.

Michael Ryan--- Husband to Felicity. New York Millionaire. 
Russell O’Grady--- Unclaimed brother to Michael. 
Gabrielle Lafayette--- French noble woman.
Enemies of the Ashe family.
Albert Phibbs—Tammany Hall ward heeler.